CIEMAT CMS Drift Tube Electronics Documentation

Here you can find all the technical documentation about the electronics that has been designed and produced at CIEMAT for the CMS experiment through the years 2000 until today.

Link to main CIEMAT CMS DT electronics PUBLIC home page.


Also you can access documentation of electronics designs in the OHL web:

  • OBDT prototype
  • Read-Out Boards (ROB)
  • Minicrate (MC)
  • Microcrate
  • ROS-25, Sector Collector Crate, ROS8, TIM
  • Control-X Board
  • Patgen, Level Translator, etc
  • Small DT chambers
  • uROS
  • Very Old material

Here you can find information about the OBDT prototype, which is the new board the on detector electronics of the CMS Drift Tubes chambers for HL-LHC.