Electronics documentation

This is a link to the OHL PCB pages without needing to fill the form. It is intended for internal use only and only people with the adequate user (cmsdte) and password will be able to see this. Ask CFB.

  • Copy of OHL documentation links


  • IPC board (electronic board for the fanout of 72 optical links @ < 2 Gbps)
  • Liquidarles de AVOLAR (electronic board for the monitoring and control of temperature, pressure, criogenic liquid sensor and electro-valves)
  • Motor_PCB2 (PCB for controlling two step motors through the TM262-BOB60 v1.2 drivers).
  • MTXRX (PCB for conversion of 240-480 Mbps copper links into optical links). In progress
  • VMEPATCH (VME 6U PCB for VME bus expansion into J2 backplane). In progress.
  • LEVELTR (VME 6U PCB for multiple electrical signal levels conversion). In progress
  • FRESCA (PCB for plugging into a Xilinx Virtex 6 evaluation board FMC connector and convert into other connector types the available signals. The firmware can be used for testing cables continuity). In progress
  • FE Signal splitter (PCB for dividing 16 pseudo-LVDS signals into 50%-50%). In progress
  • PATGEN (VME 6U PCB for fanout of two selectable LVDS input into 128 selectable LVDS outputs). In progress
  • VANP (Variable Amplitude Nanosecond Pulser, PCB for the generation of controlled amplitud, nanosecond width pulses). In progress.